How shall I begin? What will be the first entry after “Welcome”? Many things came into my mind and now I finally know … I am starting with the END. The end of this years season, the final race last weekend: Austrian & European Cross Country Championship!

Actually I was a bit nervous, cause I was sick the week before and did not really feel like racing on the weekend. But skipping the race – no chance 😉

On Saturday I had a great start – and I could win the final Austrian Cross Country Championship! Although, I could not win the whole Championship, I am really happy with my vice title.

On Sunday – European Championship. This was the third time I competed in an international race. I tried to enjoy riding, but focus on the race and at the end I won!
Unbelievable for me, cause sometimes I see myself as a rookie.. I started racing in 2014 and never expected to find myself on top of the podium at an international Championship!

A great moment – for sure in the top 5 of my collection 🙂


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