Traveling has always been a part of me. To explore a new city and get to know new cultures, is simply exciting. I was in the Hansestadt for the second time now and once again I am thrilled.

My personal highlights:

Hafenrundfahrt including Speicherstadt: A MUST! I have no idea of ​​ships, ports and the thousands of containers you see there. But it is incredibly interesting and you can see the city from a different perspective!

Blankenese: This is one of the most beautiful districts. From almost everywhere you have a fantastic view of river Elbe! The “Treppenviertel” is really unique and definitely worth a trip!

St. Petri Church: Here you can go up to the top of the tower! 544 steps to the highest viewpoint! The spiral staircase up to the small room, where really only a maximum of 4 people have space – an adventure!

Schanzenviertel: It is the hip quarter of Hamburg. Many small boutiques, restaurants & cafes with their own charm.

Speicherstadt: It was built in 1883 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! You should definitely take a walk at night to see the light and shadow play on the walls of the brick facades!

Of course the camera was with it & my favorite photos come here…

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