“Lose your mind and find your soul!”

From the Außergschlöss direction Innergschlöß to the Venedigerhaus (1691m): From there the hike starts along the Gschlössbach. After approximately 30 minutes you leave the broad forest road. A rock with the bronze inscription “Gletscherweg Innergschlöß” immediately reveals that one is right here!

A little steeper further along the waterfall it goes uphill. After about 1 1/4 h ascent you have made the most of the altitude. The gigantic nature is truly breathtaking! From almost every point you can admire the ancient ice giants around the Großvenediger (3674m)! At the top there is the possibility to make a short detour to the ice tongue.

Past the impressive Gletschertor, the path leads over rocky plains in the most diverse colors to the highest point, where a way branches off to the Old Prague hut. After the small ascent, we head down again to the valley. The descent is via serpentine back into the inner lobe.

  • Height: 645 m
  • Walking time: 4.5 h
  • Kilometers: 5.6 km

The link to the photo blog is available at!


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