I collected many moto moments the last few years! Some of them are special – here are the TOP 5 moto moments of my family photoalbum ! 🙂


Number #5Little Anna Larissa walking around in the paddock. I was super curious about everything I discovered… I was the paddock baby, somehow! 😉  On this picture I am 2 years old, I hardly remember those days, but I am sure I was super happy!  How could I not be? I am surrounded by motorsports! 😉


Number #4: This photo shows my mum. She loved travelling with her Enduro. On the first sight, there is nothing special on this image. But, if you take a closer look on the cases, you will recognize that those are not normal cases for a motorcycle. Right, those are gas tanks. What a creative woman my mom was! 😉


Number #3: This is one of my favorite. It shows my parents riding together on a motocross track in Austria. It was my mothers first time on a real track and she was super nervous, but giving up was no option. I think she tried to impress my dad, hihi! 😉  Well, a couple that rides together, stays together 😉


Number #2:  This is my Grandpa racing his KTM in the 80s! I think he was one of the biggest KTM Fans in his generation. Why I love this photo so much? It tells  a story, our story, the story how motorsport started in our family! I never met my grandfather but I think, he might be proud of me and I think about him very often!


Number #1:  That is my number one moto moment! I can not really say why, maybe because it was my first moto moment! 😉

If you want to hear more, feel free ans read my personal  KTM Blog! Enjoy! 🙂

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