Sometimes there are so many things happening in my life and sometimes it is super quiet! I like both sides! =)
As I try to share the best moments with you guys, I am starting a so called “life update” from now on! I have no idea how frequently, but I will give it a try! =)

Here are my highlights from the last weeks… 

>> MEDIA <<
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-06 um 19.58.51.png

I am really honored! What a great article in our local newspaper! Thank you!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-08 um 11.59.34

And an interview in Glen Helens Magazin! Thank you!

>> NEWS <<

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-06 um 20.03.08.png

This happens when I go shopping! =)  JUHU! Welcome to the family Beta! I will keep you posted about the first training and experiences!


I had a great photosession with Dieter Schaufler/! Here is a small compilation of my personal favorites!

>> WHAT’s NEXT? <<

>> In March/April I will be testing two new models from Ducati and KTM – for more details stay tuned! =)

>> 1000PS Gripparty with the Kawasaki Z650 – can’t wait!

>>First race will be on 8./9. April – Classic Enduro!


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