For the last 10 years, I spent my Christmas holidays in Kitzbühel skiing! Last year I decided to go for something different – Surfing in Sri Lanka!

My personal Highlights:

  • Landscape: You see  images in travel magazines and never really believe, that  those dream places  really exist! But they do! Sri Lank is a dream!
  • People: Although they have hardly anything, they are happy! They are polite and helpful. To me, this was a reminder: What do we really need in life for being happy?
  • Food: Nearly everything is spicy and it is similar to the Indian cuisine,  but I really liked it!
  • Animals: I am really into all kinds of animals. Cows crossing the street, dogs sleeping on your balcony – totally normal in Sri Lanka. My personal highlight was the  Safari in Udawalawe Nationalpark! I have never seen so many elephants before!

Why December? The weather and the conditions are perfect!!!
And Surfing ? Well, I guess I am not the next world champion, but I caught some green waves, which was awesome – feels like flying!

If you are planning your holidays for 2017 – Sri Lanka is my personal recommendation! 🙂



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