The best activity in winter: Skitouring! How to? Here are my first experiences, a short video and my favorite photos.

In this year’s winter, I had the chance to be part of Sportalpen Skitouren Camp in Thiersee/Kufsteinerland! As a rookie, I got so much important information and learned a lot about the material, the mountains, snow, “how to ski tour” and last but not least -> what to do in the case of emergency:

1) Rescue alert and all LVS devices on search.
2) Groep search – oriented at the disappearing point, try to find a signal and follow the arrows.
3) Fine searches – somebody found a signal, the beeps comes at ever shorter intervals. It is searched cruciformly, densely above the surface of the lowest value.
4) Delimit – the range is bounded and marked (with the shovel).
5) Starting from the point,  systematically explore from the inside out.
6) The probe remains plugged in and begins excavation, downhill. Once you’ve found the victim, you will immediately clear the airways, try to warm them up, and safely remove them.

The best information for myself:

  • The right technique for doing a turn on the hill.
  • When to use “walk” and “ski” setting on the ski shoes ( I forgot to change it quite often 😉 ) & how to remove the furs the right way.
  • How to use the emergency equipment.

Packing list:

Uphill: Touring equipment (skis, shoes, fur, ski pole etc.), ski socks, ski underwear, light ski pants, light jacket, sunglasses  // Downhill: fresh shirt, warm jacket, windproof jacket, helmet, ski googles, ski gloves, // Additional: large backpack, tape, emergency equipment (shovel, probe and LVS device), airbag backpack.

My personal recommendation: If you start ski touring, join a Ski Tour Camp!
The mountains are amazing, they are fascinating and the best place to be outdoors. BUT still, we have to respect nature and if we decide to be active outdoors, we should inform ourselves about the “do’s” and “dont’s”!

AND: Everybody who loves skiing, will be addicted to Skitouring immediately! 😉

Find a short clip and my favorite photos attached!


Den ganzen Blog auf Deutsch findet ihr hier! Danke Pure Encapsulations® für dieses großartige Erlebnis & DANKE an die tollen Bergführer von Bergsport Achensee!

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