Skiing has been part of my live since I can remember. Everybody in our family worked as a ski instructor during school or university holidays. My grandpa even had his own ski school! It was only a question of time, when I will start skiing! At the age of 2 my mum taught me the basics about skiing, how to brake, how to do turns etc… From that moment on I spend every winter lots of amazing days in the mountains and traditional, as everybody in my family I passed my ski instructor exam when I was 16 years old.
Working as a ski instructor was not just a great job during the holidays, it was a great possibility to learn about the mountains, nature and about Austria being a “Nation of Skiing”! Most of the time I spend in Kitzbühel, at my aunts place! I really loved being in Kitzbühel and I still do,  I call it my second home! But my mum always told me, I need to go to Arlberg once in my life: “This is the top, the place to be in winter and simply the curvature of skiing!” – she said.

 I alway knew, I had to visit Arlberg some day and now, finally in 2017 I got the chance to see the great variety this region offers – St. Anton am Arlberg, you stole my heart! 

Arrival in St. Anton

I really like to drive my car, but traveling by train can be really enjoyable too! The connection between Salzburg an St. Anton is excellent. You do not have to change the train, it is a direct connection to St. Anton, which takes about 3 h! When you arrive in St. Anton, you are 3min away from the valley station of the gondola, that takes you up to the top! You literally can start your skiing adventure minutes after the arrival at the train station!  So change yourself in the train, be completely ready for skiing when you get out of the train  – this is what we did! 😉
Our host Barbara from “Genusshotel Das Sonnbichl” was a great support! She picked us up, drove us directly to the gondola, took our luggage with her and carried it to our hotel room! What a service, simply awesome!

First thing to do

My mum already knew where to go first: to the top, which ist called “Valluga”! You are not allowed to go there by ski, but I can assure, you will not need your skis over there. All you need is your eyes for what this view has in store for you!  It is breathtaking! I can not remember having such an amazing view ever  in my life before! It felt like standing on Austrias “Mount Everest” and was super excited and really grateful for that moment! I could not wait to ski down all the great slopes I could see from above!

Skiing with the best panorama possible

We started our skiing adventure at the gondola “Galzig”, carried on to “Valluga” and in the afternoon we switched to “Albonabahn 2” and later to “Rendl”! If I have to describe this huge ski resort with one word it is: versatile! Not just the panorama, also the variety of slopes. You can have it all! It is unbelievable how different the view on “Valluga” is, compared to Albona. As if you change the country. You will never get bored there. The area is so big, it is simply impossible to see everything. Since the opened the Flexenbahn, it is Nr. 5 of worlds biggest ski resorts! Amazing! And additional to the variety  of panorama, the variety of slopes is great. Arlberg has been know for being a really challenging place to ski. I have to say, I do not agree! It is a place for everybody. Beginners, Advanced or Pro’s! You have all levels in one resort, which is simply great, if you want to share your holidays with your friends and family, who might not be on the same level as you are.


For a perfect skiing holiday you need a great hotel. Relaxing, amazing atmosphere, delicious food, obliging hosts, a small wellness area and on top, a great view when you wake up in the morning. The place I am talking about ist called Genusshotel Das Sonnbichl! My mum and I fell in love with the tyrollean style of the hotel immediately! The rooms are bright, clean and tidy. The hosts Barbara and her brother Mathias are lovely. They are really helpful and have the answer to all open questions regarding the area. If you need a secret tip, ask them! Those days at Hotel Sonnbichl, my mum and I were in food heaven! The breakfast got it all: typical Austrian “Eierspeis” or tasty fruits and yoghurt, everything  your heart desires is on the table! And in the evening when you come back from an exciting day, be prepared for dinner! A five course menu is waiting for you, with mouth-watering products from the region! Special on Tuesday: Fondue! This was the first time, I ever ate fondue and it was really really tasty! On top of the amazing atmosphere and the great food, the location of the hotel is perfect. The Bus station is right before the hotel and it takes you 5minutes to get to the next valley station! And this transfer is for free!
All in all, my mum and I really enjoyed our stay at Genusshotel Sonnbichl and we will come an visit again for sure! Why? Not just because it is a great residence, also because they are starting a huge project in 2017 called “Genuss 4.0”- more enjoyment! We are already curious about how everything is gonna appear when it is finished and if it is possible to have more enjoyment, than we already had!


Last year I discovered a new sport for myself as you saw on my posts before already – Skitouring. For sure I wanted to try it out at Arlberg and so I decided to hike up and meet my mum on the top of the mountain called “Gampen” for lunch. I am not that experienced in Skitouring, so I decided to stay on a marked route for uphill hike. It was super easy and I felt secure all time! Skiing is amazing in St. Anton, but with skitouring you can enjoy the whole natural phenomenon a bit more. Concerning information and open questions about the area, I can strongly recommend You will find everything you need there. Also about Skitouring!

The result

Thank you Arlberg, thank you St. Anton, thank you Genusshotel Sonnbichl and thank you Mum for this amazing moments! Now I know, what the the curvature of skiing is!


Certainly I had my Camera with me, so here are my favorite shots – enjoy! 🙂


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