Throwback to September 2015: International Six Days of Enduro in Slovakia! I went there, because I wanted to support Team Austria! It was a great experience for me and I strongly remember how flashed I was after this race: speed, endurance and technique combined in one race! This was the first time I thought about racing a classic enduro on my own as well. Two years later I competed in my first classic enduro race at Austria’s Enduro Championship – here is my report … 

The facts:

  • 2 days of racing
  • Pro’s class
  • 1 motocross & 1 enduro test per round
  • 1 round = 70km
  • 3 rounds on Saturday, 2 on Sunday

I have to admit, I have been nervous the day before. I had no idea what this type of race has in store for an enduro rider. Having a “time table” was completely new for me. Learning all the details from the regulations, trying to avoid mistakes and penalties is not easy. Racing a classic enduro race is not just about physical effort, it also about being organized!

Day 1

I had a horrible start. My bike did not work. After kicking like a 100 times the engine finally started, but my electric start did not work. Why? I have no idea, but all those struggles at the beginning made me feel insecure. Lucky me, I had a real good friend and experienced enduro rider on my side: Christine has been racing enduro over 10 years and I was really happy to have her on my side! Thank you Christine for trying to calm me down, it helped a lot! 🙂  After the first stage was done, I felt ok again. Motocross was on the list! Although I have not been training motocross in months and I knew I will be super slow, I was looking forward to some jumps and speed! The time was ok as well! 🙂 After the second stage and some obstacles I arrived at the enduro test – yes! I really liked the track, because it was runny,  not to fast and including some up an downhills! I haven’t felt that good on my enduro since the new season started! But Enduro test made me smile – happy face under the helmet! 🙂  After the first round I had little time to fix my electric start, so I pulled off the seat, tried to fix the not working battery, successfully! Round 2 and 3 were ok as well, although I missed my racing mate Christine. She was not motivated anymore, so I tried to finish the last round on my own. I was really happy with my overall result on day 1.

Day 2

I really expected myself to be super exhausted in the morning. 210 km on the bike the day before was a lot for me! Surprisingly, I felt really good and I was excited about the new day! My personal goal: trying to be a bit faster at motocross test and findig a better line at enduro test. I improved my time at motocross -juhu! 🙂 Enduro test was not that successful. In the first test I crashed two times, but I was still faster than the day before, so it could have been much better without the time I lost picking up the bike again. All in all, day 2 felt better to me and I am really grateful  for the amazing time and the awesome track we were allowed to race the whole weekend!

Overall I finished on 46 position. I know, sounds not to good! 😉 But for me it was a great experience, especially racing in pros class, sharing the track with my friends and hero’s was a magnificent feeling! Congrats to Mr. Rauchi #766 for the win, Bernhard Schöpf for 2nd and Michael Feichtinger for 3rd place! Great podium, great riders, great people!


THANK YOU Niki Peer, for the amazing photos!

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