The first race of this years Cross Country Season was not the best for me. But the second run was awesome… 😊🙌🏻

Race time was at 9:00 am in the morning and I personally really like that –  I am an “early bird”! The start was ok, I came around the first corner on 4th place. After the first lap I could overtake all the girls in the front. I was in the lead and found a great rhythm after a short time 🛵💨 The track was amazing, I really loved the technical parts! After 2 hours of racing I finished first – Victory 🏆 I am really grateful for this moment and I can’t wait till the next Austrian Championship in July!

One of my personal highlights was meeting a women, who is still racing at the age of 50!!! Unbelievable! Her name is Astrid Paulweber and I think she was one of the first women riding Enduro bikes in Austria – Hats off – those were the roots! 👏🏻

Before the next race, I have a lot of other things coming up >> Life Update will follow! 🙋🏼

© Only Dirt
Girls talk before the start with Astrid 😉


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