After a 10-hour car drive, I finally arrived in the land of the hardest Enduro Rally in the world…

I have never been to Romania before, so I had no idea what to expect from the country, the culture, the people or the landscape! Beforehand I can tell you: Romania is amazing, the landscape is breathtaking and the people are really hospitable and open!

We arrived on Sunday evening. After checking our accommodation, we went into the centre of the city for some diner. As it was dark already, I saw the heart of Sibiu at night first – it is wonderful! There are millions of small restaurants with delicious food from all around the world. You can have it all: from Pizza & Pasta, to traditional Romanian food and “Wiener Schnitzel” 🙂

The next day we decided to discover Sibiu. Lucky me I had two great tourguides >> thank you Michael & Daniela for showing me this marvellous city! The tour started with some shopping – haha 😀 Normally I am not really into the whole “fashion” stuff, but I really liked the handmade leather products by Dani. I got a short “behind the scene” look and I was impressed how much you can create with leather! I bought two money bags! 😉

As I was super curious about the centre of the old town, we continued with our tourist tour. Sibiu was capital of culture in 2007 and you can see that in many ways. All the buildings are renovated, everything appears fresh and proper.

I really enjoy cities with a lot of history, you can feel it in the atmosphere! My personal highlight was the Piata Mare, which is the main square in the old town.

I also saw the street where the prologue of Red Bull Romaniacs takes place, the hotel I will stay in, the paddock and the building where I can find the race office. Seeing all of that before the race is really advantageous. When I come back in July, I will exactly know where to find everything I need already, it gives me a good feeling!

One of the best views you can possible get is on top of the evangelic Cathedral. In the tower there are 4 spots, where you can see every part of the city!

Daniela told me about an outdoor museum, where you can see traditional houses the way they were built hundreds of years ago. For sure, I wanted to see that, so we drove 10 min to ASTRA National Museum. It is like a beautiful park, where you can relax, walk around, enjoy the small lake and spot the little traditional houses. I even saw the house, which is pictured on the 10 LEI note! And the best thing at this place >> horses are running around! 🙂

The first day in Romania was super exciting and I really love the fact that a journey to Sibiu can be a combination of riding Enduro bikes, traveling and holidays.

Tomorrow is riding day >> can’t wait to discover Romania with the rocket! 🙂


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