Finally, some Enduro riding in this beautiful country! Here are my first impressions 🙂 

When we drove to Romania, I was impressed by the never ending forest already. And when you discover the area with your Enduro bike, it tops it all! If you do not want to see anything but trees and indescribable panorama, you are completely right in Romania. I mean, you can ride your bike for hours without seeing any kind of civilization – unbelievable.

Day 1 was basically for discovering the area, getting a feeling for Enduro riding and the conditions in Romania. We did some tracks from the Iron and Bronze Class, which was really good for me, because then I somehow knew if I registered in the right class or not. 😉  I am not really into riding forest roads, but I love tricky single trails and riverbeds. So, I felt really comfortable on the bronze tracks and I got used to the conditions very quick.

What I really love about Romania is the versatility this country offers for a tour. All different types of landscape: hills, green pastures, never ending river beds, rocky parts, muddy forest, up and downhills of all kinds and endless trails! The nature offers the perfect conditions for an unforgettable adventure! And you have all different levels of difficulty >> you choose!

On day 2 we tried out some difficult stuff I might come across during my participation at Red Bull Romaniacs as well. For sure some of those obstacles and uphills might become more tricky when there are other riders too. Downhills are fine for me, single trials with lots of stones and obstacles too. Uphills are ok as well, so right now I am really looking forward to starting my project in 2017 >> Red Bull Romaniacs! Let’s see how the next two days will be! 🙂



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