5 days of riding in paradise passed by to fast! I discovered so many things and learned everything I need to know for the hardest Enduro Rally in the world… READY TO RACE! 

The original reason why I wanted to visit Romania was getting to know the riding conditions and learn how to organize myself during the Red Bull Romaniacs. But my stay here in Romania was more than a “race preparation”!

I loved every single day in the nature, the mountains, the grassy hills, the trails, the river beds, the atmosphere in the old town and the variety of food >> the whole trip felt more like holidays to me! And on top I made some new friends!

I spent two days riding with Leni, a Rumanian girl who is super excited about dirt bikes, same as I am! We got along with each other perfectly! I mean, how could we not? Two girls, sharing the same passion! 😉

During our training, I got the chance to give her some advice from a Enduro girl’s perspective! 🙂 Once, we had a super tricky grass uphill, where I tried to explain her that having a gentle feeling for the clutch is super important. I think she really appreciated those tips and learned really quick! At the second day she was much better when it came to similar situations. Opening your eyes,  searching for the best lines can be so helpful in the woods and I tried to explain her, how I learned everything I know and how I would handle tough situations. I mean, I am not a pro rider as well and I make many many mistakes too, but in theory I know some stuff already 😉

After those days Leni was really happy! She told me she never had such an effective training  and that she learned a lot. At the end she even called me her new “role model”, which was super heart touching for me! I never expected myself to be a role model for anybody  some day! I was simply overwhelmed and I remembered why I started this blog actually >> I want to share my moments, trying to be inspiring and motivating! 🙂

The last 3 days in Rumania, I tried to see as much as possible from the area. Michael and I joined a guided tour with Herman. This was really good, because both of them know the tracks of every single class at Red Bull Romaniacs by heart. I got a really good feeling for what this area might have in store for me during the race. Not to forget all the tips! Packing the right things, the best way possible into your bag pack is super important! I created a “Red Bull Romaniacs Packing List”, where I had to sections:

  1. things I am gonna pack into my KLIM Arsenal Vest during the race like tools, little spare parts and the right dietary supplements!
  2. things I will definitely need on site, like KTM spare parts, X-GRIP mousse, Mitas tyres, Motul Products, etc.

The list is already super long! But the rally takes approximately 130km per day and it is 4 days of racing, which is really long! Many things can happen there, so being perfectly prepared is indispensable! 

After those riding days here in Sibiu, I have a much better feeling for the whole Red Bull Romaniacs project, than I had before. Right now, I am feeling confident! I know, I can do this and most of all I am really looking forward to coming back to Romania for riding my Enduro bike in this amazing country again!

I spent my last evening with Dani and Leni in the old town. There was a Street food festival going on and the whole center was infected by good vibes! I could not have imagined a better end for my vacation!

One week of Romania is over. Can’t believe how fast those days passed. It is still 7 weeks till the race weeks kicks off and I will try to continue with the preparation when I am back home for sure. I am really looking forward to going into the mountains with the Mountainbike and do some hiking to stay physically fit! And not to forget the rocket >> she needs some preparation too, so I will definitely spend some hours in the workshop, getting her ready for the race as well.

Knowing I will be back in July makes me really happy! “On the roots of Red Bull Romaniacs” is finished and I am ready to participate in the worlds hardest Enduro rally!


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