2017 was for sure one of the best Erzbergrodeos I ever had!

I arrived on Thursday at the iron giant. As every year, I was flashed by the location. It is so unique and I love the fact, that the whole area turns into a racetrack with so many great main and side events for a whole weekend! I was looking forward to Erzberg for a long time already.

First thing to do after my arrival was registration & technical check! I had starting number #112, which was definitely a good position for the prologue on Friday and Saturday. Although the prologue is really fast and there are no obstacles, it is really advantageous to see it before. You will know, when to open the throttle and when to take care! Philipp Scholz, multiple Erzberg Finisher, Philip Platzer, one of my favorite Photographers and myself drove up the Iron Giant following the prologue line with our mountain bikes. Great experience!


The time table at the whole weekend is super tight, there are so many things to see. So, the next thing to do was watching Kärcher Rocket Ride, which is somehow the upbeat of the whole Erzbergrodeo weekend. It is unbelievable, but Ossi Reisinger won it again on his Husqvarna! Third time! If you missed it, you can watch it here >>

The start of the first prologue run was on Friday at 8:00. I have to admit, that the last moments before the start were extremely exciting. A mixture of anticipation and nervousness. I knew,  for the next 10min – FULL GAS ! I tried to find a good speed with my KTM 300. Giving 100% on the prologue track can be fatal, because there are many stones, which are unpredictable. I gave my best, accelerated but not over the limit, trying to arrive on the top in one piece! I had a really good feeling and I was happy with myself, when I arrived at the finish! 🙂 


A real highlight of this years Erzbergrodeo was the Mitas One-on-One Riders Presentation. Sandra Gomez, Christine Wiesner and myself were invited to do a small round in the Enduro Cross Park and give an interview afterwards. I felt really honored! I even gave some autographs afterwards! This was a special moment for me and it was a great chance to inspire and motivate all the girls, who ride dirtbikes too!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-23 um 07.26.48

My second run at the prologue was ok, but not the best. I had some struggles after the first uphill. I hit a big stone and saw myself crashing already! I could manage to keep on the bike, but I was not ready to risk anything anymore, I knew the time from the day before will be the better one.

Winners ceremony was on Saturday evening. After watching the best moments in a recap video © Red Bull Media House, they started with the Ladies Cup Prologue ranking. I heard my name first – WOW!!!! 3rd place!! I could not believe it, I was about to receive my first stone from the iron giant! I mean, racing with speed is definitely not my strength! I have no motocross racing experience at all! So, being on the podium at Ladies Cup Prologue means a lot to me! Standing on the stage with all the final winners was a great moment! I was really grateful!

Award ceremony: Image shows Christine Wiesner, Anna-Larissa Redinger, Bernd Scheirich, Tomaz Jernejsek, Juergen Mohr, Mario Nonnenmacher, Florian Salbrechter, Karl Schagerl, Matthias Walkner, Ossi Reisinger, Wade Young and Karl Katoch. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Matic Klansek

Participating in the final Race on Sunday was no option for me this year. My focus is all on Red Bull Romaniacs, so I did not want to take extra risk.

But I took my camera out and followed the competitors during Red Bull Hare Scramble. Once again it was an insane race! 25 riders finished with one of my favorite riders on the top: Alfredo Gomez, you deserve it! I know how hard you have been working for this victory and how badly you wanted to win! CONGRATS!
Another highlight >> 5 Austrian guys finished. I think this is a premiere in Erzbergrodeos history! Great job Lars Enöckl, Philipp Bertl, Philipp Schneider, Dieter Rudolf and Peter Rieder!

If you want to check out a small compilation of my photo highlights >>

For all of you, who haven’t seen Red Bull Hare Scramble – watch it on Red Bull TV >>

And, I really want to say THANK YOU, to all the great photographers out there on the weekend! I know how much work you have during and after the event! I really appreciate all the photos, that collect our moments on the Iron Giant! 🙂

BIG THANKS also to the whole crew from Erzbergrodeo and Motorradreporter >> It is one of the best organized races I have ever been to and I am looking forward to 2018 already!


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