Here are the details from my test of the SmartCarb Carburetor on my Rocket! 

This promises the manufacturer:

  • no changes to the jetting
  • Heights and temperature changes are compensated
  • Power and torque should increase
  • consumption decreases

When unpacking, you immediately realize that the Smartcarb is very clean and robust.

Installation: The Smart Carb carburetor is slightly larger, so it is recommended to swing up the rear of the bike, to get enough space for the assembly. The old carburetor is expanded and replaced by the new one. This works really easy and without problems! The operating instructions are clearly described. The only thing, where you should take care is the throttle. The original throttle cable is a bit too short. But with a few changes to the throttle and a shorter spring, it fits perfectly. The start of the bike after the installation works perfect, you will hear the different sound of the KTM immediately. Round and regularly.

After the first test ride, I had the feeling that everything runs still to “fat”, so I adjusted the settings a bit. Therefore you turn off the engine, set the gas to full throttle, turn the “mixture screw” down until it locks into place and turn it. Depending on the setting to the left for “leaner” and to the right for “richer”. Two clicks difference you might not notice, only from 5-10 clicks there is a clear difference.

Test terrain: The first real test took place in Verd / Slovenia on a Hard Enduro track. Usually you drive in the lower speed range and maximum in the second gear. The better torque in the lower area is really noticeable here!

The second test was during a rally in Croatia. From technical to fast tracks, everything was there. HM: on the sea and partly also in the mountains. On the first day, the bike was much to “fat” and it needed too much gas. 15 clicks to the left made it much better, without problems and sufficient fuel!

The third test took place on a very fast track! Two hours of cross country racing. Almost every 2 stroke had to refuel. I could go through my 2 hour race and started later, without refueling for the third run as well. Only after an hour I had to switch to reserve and refill. The consumption is a lot less than with the standard carburetor.

The fourth test in Romania has shown that even height differences are not a problem. One day we were really high up in the mountains! I noticed briefly that the bike runs not as round as normal and the performance felt limited. So I stoped, set everything leaner and went on without any problems!

The last test was on Erzbergrodeo’s Prologue. Many two-stroke pilots told me about a worse performance in the last part of the prologue! (Could also be due to a wrong transmission for the long straights!) But I had more power than I needed. From start to finish, a linear gas intake, both in the lower and upper range.

Conclusion: The SmartCarb works flawlessly and keeps what it promises. Of course, now the questions of all questions comes up: Is it an alternative to the new injection of KTM? The new injection of KTM has advantages and disadvantages, just like the SmartCarb. It depends on personal preference. If you have a carburetor, but currently not have the budget for a new model, the SmartCarb is certainly a good alternative! The response and the consumption is much better! In addition, the carburetor remains the same as the uncomplicated characteristic of a 2-stroke, which can also be an advantage! But if you have the opportunity to test or buy the new KTM TPI injector models – GO FOR IT! The driving experience is different from the carburettor bikes, everything is finer and rounder. Whether you invest in a new model or in a SmartCarb, everyone has to decide for themselves!

Price: € 798,-

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