Well this race was definitely not the best for me! The day after the race was really hard for me, but I still collected one special moment!  

I had a good start, 2nd place. After the first round I overtook and was first, but I felt not good at all. The track was super fast, I really liked it, but when it comes to fast tracks I am not willing to take any extra risks. My focus in 2017 is completely on Red Bull Romaniacs!

Additional, I had a really bad incident. One of the riders in front of me crashed at the jumps right in front of me, I could not break or react, so I crashed directly into his bike and landed on my head. Lucky me, I had brand new KLIM F3 Helmet. I felt irritated but continued racing and finished 2nd. I am really grateful about the result! Especially now, 2 days after the race…


Although my race was not the best, we had something to celebrate in the family. My father, a former motocross rider jumped on the podium at Austrias Cross Country Championship for the first time in his career >> 3rd place on a KTM 300 EXC TPI, well that says it all! 😉 I am really really proud and happy for him, he never expected to be on a podium of a motorsports race at the age of 51. I know it means a lot to him and I am grateful I was there to share this moment with him!

When I got home from the race, I washed my bike and cleared out the van. After some hours I felt bad somehow. My head hurt and I felt ill. So I decided to spend the rest of the day on the sofa. On Sunday morning, things turned out to be worse, I could barely move, so I went to my mums home. She is a doctor and always the first place I go, when something is wrong.
Her diagnosis >> centrifuge trauma! 😦 Prescription >> wearing a ruff ! 😦

This is definitely not how I wanted the weekend to end but it is as it is… I will stay positive and make the best out of the situation! Focus 100% on Red Bull Romaniacs! I can do this! 🙂




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