I heard about that bike many many times before. The BMW GS! My mother used to travel with her motorcycle through countries during her leisure time and she always told me that riding a BMW GS was her dream. Well, after 2 days of riding the big lady I know why…

The BMW GS 12000 is a bike made for adventures. It is big, powerful, resistant and you have a lot of comfort during long tours. AND, and this is the best part >> although she is heavy, the handling is unbelievable!
I have to admit, when I saw the GS for the first time I felt a bit nervous. It reminded me of my first rides on an Enduro Bike in 2013/2014. I always had that feeling in my stomach, excitement combined with respect.
I got the chance to ride the Big Lady for the first time during BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifiers 2017 Germany. The experience was simply unforgettable for me. I never expected to see myself riding such a big bike one day. And although I had some doubts in the beginning, giving the “big ladies” a chance totally payed off! The BMW GS is a bike for the world. Also for women! So to all the women out there, who are into motorcycles, exploring and discovering – the GS seems to be big, but once she is rolling, you are gonna love it! 🙂

Back to the event: What is a GS Trophy? Well, I did not know at first. But the word trophy made it sound interesting for me, so I tried to find out what it was and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the first images and videos! Riding your motorcycle all over the world, locations you would not even dare to think of! Everybody who knows me, knows I am 100% outdoor person, so everything that happens in nature catches my attention. When it comes the combination nature + motorcycles, I am completely lost – I just want to do it! :)
And this is what I thought when I recognized what a so called GS Trophy is >> Teams, created and selected via national qualifiers ride on a location somewhere on the globe together, participating in a 10 days trophy, riding their GS’ 8-10 hours a day, discovering and exploring the beautiful nature, passing team and technical tests with the bike and in the end see the finish line!

Although it seems to be a race and only one team can take the win, it is more about sharing your passion with friends. When I participated at the Qualifiers in Germany, this feeling confirmed – riding a GS is all about sharing and collecting moments, feelings and experiences together for your life. Discover the world. Know unknown. Encounters become friendships. And on the GS every challenge master. The Int. GS Trophy is a motorcycle adventure that puts the world at your feet.

In 2018, teams from all over the world compete in intensive day stages and numerous special stages in Mongolia.

Participating there would be a dream for me, maybe it comes true, I do not know! 😉

Until then, I will hover in the memories I experienced at the GS Trophy Qualifiers 2017 Germany…..

Here is a short video from the GS Trophy Qualifiers. THANK YOU BMW Motorrad for giving me the chance to ride the “big lady”, she rocks! THANK YOU Markus Jahn for the great photos, love them! An THANK YOU to my team mates Tobi and Mike, hope to ride with you again one day 🙂



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