Oh my god, I have no idea how many hours I spent in my workshop preparing for the hardest enduro rally in the world. Now, finally, the one moment arrived – I AM READY TO GO! 🙂 

I have to admit when I registered for Red Bull Romaniacs I knew the preparation is gonna be a lot of work and now after I finished I can tell you – it is one hell of thinking, checking, packing, organizing, checking again, unpack and pack again, trying to remember if I packed that one thing already or not, and so on and so on… there are so many little things you have to take care of – it is insane! And although I sometimes had the feeling my head is about to explode, I knew:  the better the preparation, the better the race. This was all my motivation.

5 minutes ago I closed the last bag and packed it into my van, what a feeling! So here were go: behind the scene of packing for Red Bull Romaniacs 2017.

This was the moment when the Rocket was finally finished and ready to go!

What does your Bike need to be ready for Red Bull Romaniacs?

  • Make sure it is technically TOP! In my Case: the Rocket had 120h already, so I changed the clutch, the piston and made a full service on the suspension.
  • Change all the fluids and wear parts.
  • Belt front and rear! It makes pushing and pulling the bike much easier during technical parts.
  • Protect it the best way possible: brake disc protection, exhaust protection, clutch cover, hand guards, engine protector, etc…
  • You need GRIP! This is something you definitely should test in advance. In my case, I tried out Maxxis, Metzeler, Golden Tyre and Mitas. They are all good, but in the end,  MITAS EF-07 double green from  was the right one for me. Why? The tire in combination with super soft mousse from XGrip worked out the best way in every condition.
  • Spare Parts: take everything you have in your workshop and order everything you need in advance (better to early than too late). For two stroke riders >> never forget extra exhausts.
  • Fluids: I personally trust MOTUL 100%, why? Well, a good example: when the mechanics changed the clutch on the rocket, they told me it’s amazing how good it looked after 120h using it all the time. They told me, it’s because I use high-quality products like Motul. When people ask me about what kind of fluids they should use for their bikes, I always say: You try to have a good nutrition with the best substances for your body? Then try to offer your bike the same! Here are the products I packed for Red Bull Romaniacs: 800 2T FACTORY LINE OFF ROAD, MC CARE ™ A2 AIR FILTER OIL SPRAY, C1 CHAIN CLEAN, C3 CHAIN LUBE OFF ROAD &  DOT 5.1 BRAKE FLUID.

Packing for yourself….

When your bike is ready, you should think about all the stuff you need for yourself. Not an easy part either. I was always scared of forgetting something. This is what I take with me:

  • KLIM XC Gear: I like the fact that the ventilation is great and it is nearly undestroyable, the perfect choice for a long day in the woods.
  • Ortema Ortho-Max Enduro Protector Jacket: Believe me, I tried out many many protections, vests and so on, but in the end, I always ended up with the same result: If you want to have the best protection for your torso, you’d better go for Ortema. Especially with the Ortho-Max Jacket. If you are an enduro rider you simply need it!  It is light, ventilated and protects on the right points.
  • KLIM Stow Away Jacket: When you go through the list on, you will see they recommend to take the wind and waterproof jacket with you during the race. Well, if you want a jacket like that and stow it away the easiest way possible, this jacket is perfect. You can mount it on the handle bar.
  • POD knee braces: I do have them nearly 3 years already and they are great. I never had any injuries or problems with them.
  • Gaerne GX-1 Enduro Boots: they have a different sole than common motocross boots, this is why I decided to buy them.
  • Helmet: try to avoid a black or dark helmet, it might get hot under there.
  • Goggles, Gloves, …

What do you need during the race? 

  • KLIM Arsenal Vest is simply the best choice for packing all the stuff you need during the race. It is the most effective weight distribution you can possibly have and this is really important!
  • Water/Iso: it doesn’t matter what you put into the bladder, just do not forget about it! Dehydration is the worst thing that can happen to you!
  • Energy: snacks, bars, gels, Red Bull, … everything that gives you the kick you need!
  • 1 GPS on the Bike, 1 in the vest (spare part)
  • batteries for GPS
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 flashlight
  • mobile phone and important contacts on speed dial
  • 6 smoke rocket-flares or 2 red hand-held smoke flares
  • 1 compass
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 foil survival blanket
  • 1 wind/water proof jacket
  • 1 pencil and contact numbers
  • spare spark plug
  • tools for basic preparing
  • some spare parts ( handles, chain closed,
  • cable ties
  • metal knead
  • screws
  • rope
  • medical kit
  • contact lenses
  • extra Gloves
  • wire
  • ….

Last but not Least, pack motivation! 🙂 

Romaniacs2017©AnnaLarissa (6 von 6).jpg

Soooooo…. this is definitely not everything I packed, but those are the most important things for the race! I am jumping into my van now and drive the first stage to Romania!

Wish me luck 🙂



  1. Meine Hochachtung, eine super Leistung. Alles alles Gute für zukünftige Unternehmen. Alfred


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