In the past months, my focus was 100% on my project, my goal, my dream >> finish at Red Bull Romaniacs! It is unbelievable how fast the preparation time and also the race has passed. It was a challenging week in the Carpathians around the city of Sibiu. 4 days, over 500km, 28 hours and extreme altitudes … I was able to experience so much and gather incredible moments!

© Irina Gorodnyakova

The start of the event was the spectacular Enduro Cross course, the Prolog in the center of the city. Already at the inspection, I had to say: “This will not be a children’s birthday party!” This was confirmed by the first training of the pro’S. Even the King of Hard Enduro Graham Jarvis speculated and wondered, which is probably the best and safest line through the long stone field. I have to admit, this was the moment I got nervous for the first time. The obstacles were really tricky, cost energy and the risk of hurting yourself was quite big. The goal was clear: go through it, without damaging yourself or the bike. You can lose everything but gain nothing... As I rode through the Red Bull arch after the first lap, I was incredibly relieved and proud. Incomprehensible I managed it – YES! The anticipation for the upcoming 4 off-road days rose massively because in the Romanian forest I feel really comfortable!

DAY 1: The first day of the toughest Enduro rally in the world, very exciting. I knew that this day was decisive for me, it shows if I was really ready for the adventure or not. The morning was really good. I had a lot of fun riding, found a good rhythm and could reach the service point after 3 hours. With a good feeling, I started in the afternoon, which demanded more,  it began to rain. The Romanian ground is special, even with the smallest amount of water, super simple passages become a real challenge. Mega slippery! Mental and physically very strenuous, mistakes are not allowed. Although I had to fight at some point or another, I reached the goal in time and happy: a quarter was done!

© Irina Gorodnyakova

DAY 2: This day was by far the most beautiful because the route took us over the wonderful and breathtaking mountains around Sibiu. Navigating was required here, the markings were not always visible. The service point lasted longer that day. In general, the day with 129 km was more intense. As we were announced the day before, a 3km long “stony surprise” awaited us by the end of the day – a creek bed, uphill! Super tricky and long! I had a lot of fun and could work up to the top in one piece. I knew if I stopped, the rhythm was gone and fatigue occurred! To see the finish on the second day as well was a great moment – half was done – YES!

DAY 3: The day all classes struggled. 150 km were on the schedule, very very crunchy! In bronze as well as in all other class the time was a problem. The finish of silver and gold had to be moved, in the silver class only 12 out of 120 riders reached the goal, and also in the bronze and iron class, many riders got a time penalty, including me. I was frustrated and disappointed, but I knew I could make it up on the last day! Focus!

DAY 4: The last day and I still felt very fit! I divided the energy I had very well and also my KTM 300 rocket was still in good shape. I have not ruined more than one clutch lever up to this moment. I was motivated, had the goal in mind and tried to enjoy the last day in the legendary Romanian forest! It was another tough day. Many riders gave up, some crouched tear streams or completely finished at the edge of the track – OVER and OUT. Top priority: ride smart! Every little mistake costs energy and increases the risk of getting injured. I was concentrated and tried to imagine how it would be when I went through the Red Bull arch for the last time this week. After a felt eternity I could finally see the arch and the finish area, the first relief! The last hill climb went right, the wall and the mud hole after done – RED BULL ROMANIACS FINISHER 2017 – FINISHER of the toughest Enduro Rally of the world … I still can not believe it !!!!

Romaniacs2017©AnnaLarissa (1 von 1)

I started riding dirtbikes in 2014. I never dreamed  I would ever participate in a race or even be at the top of an international podium like last year (European Cross Country Champion)! Finishing the toughest Enduro rally in the world in my 4th season? It is incomprehensible! A dream came true and I am so grateful I was allowed to experience something like that! It shows what is possible when you want something really bad! With this success, I have really achieved a lot for myself, but more importantly – I have managed to be motivation and inspiration for other people and that means the world to me!


© Actiongraphers



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