I have been to many events in my life already and I love nearly all kinds of sports. So being part of the premiere FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna was definitely one of my highlights in 2017 so far! If you like action, emotion and tension till the final you are gonna love Volleyball! 


For me, the event kicked off last Friday afternoon. I was invited to ride the KTM Freeride E in Erzbergrodeo’s arena to show the visitors what you can do with an electric bike. The legendary “wall” from 2016′ Erzbergrodeo was part of the track and although it looked super steep I could not resist to try it! I mean, Alfredo Gomez, Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Manuel Lettenlbicheler, Sandra Gomez, etc.. all my heroes rode this wall already, how could I not at least give it a try? 😉

After some time it was so much fun! The feeling when you are on the top, the highest point of the wall was incredible! The visitors were allowed to test the bikes, which was really interesting. All of them had a motorcycle driving license, but no or barely offroad experience. Some of them learned super fast and some crashed in the first corner already – well all beginning is difficult! 😉 But at the end of the day, all of them were happy! KTM’s Freeride E is a great bike if you want to enter the off-road world. Giving tips and advice was a great experience.


A great moment for myself was when I met this girl from Greece. She was really into KTM and when she recognized the KTM Beachflaggs at the area she was freaking out completel20624054_1584472301617028_269128060_ny! She asked me if we can take a photo together, she seemed to be super excited about seeing a girl riding motorcycles! Gorgeous – what an honor. It’s always great to meet other girls, who feel the same about dirtbikes as I do 🙂


I also got the chance to see one of the matches live. Of course, I chose one where Austrias Team Clemens Doppler & Alexander Horst participated. They played against Poland and it was super exciting from the first service on! I never expected to see so much action during the whole match. Unbelievable how committed the teams fought for every point! Especially the first set was fascinating, I can not remember how often they played for the final match ball. And in the end, Austria won !!!! The atmosphere in the arena exploded, the crowd raged! Every single spectator felt so happy for Clemens and Alex, so did I. They could not believe it either – playing in the FINAL match in front of home audience on Sunday – a dream coming true? I exactly knew how they felt that moment, speechless and overwhelmed. This is how I felt after crossing the finish line at Red Bull Romanics.

© Philipp Schuster / Red Bull Content Pool

Sadly I had no time to watch the final on Sunday, but I followed every single minute on the live stream. It was thrilling, I had goose bumps! After the first points a small chance to win appeared, but in the second set, the leaf turned. The Brazils played better in the end, with the way Evandro was serving on Red Bull Beach Arena, he could very well have been mistaken for Superman. Austria became vice-world champion, which is more than Alex and Clemens ever expected. No Austrian team was ever more successful – history was made! CONGRATS! 


Well, last but not least, there was this one crazy guy, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about him before. His name is Senad Grosic, a super nice guy, crazy but nice! 😉 I think he sees the whole world completely different than normal people do! For example: when we see the tournament arena, we think about teams playing and spectators watching. Senad sees a potential riding area for his BMX Bike. When we see the net, we think about blocks and a lot of action during the competition. His thoughts: Lets jump over that net! Sounds crazy, but this is exactly what he did!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the people building up ramps and tables around the net, in the center of the Red Bull Beach Arena. After 10min they were finished and the show began – BMX action on the highest level! Jumping over the net, doing a back flip, even without hands … as if it were the most normal in the world! Amazing! Hats off Senad, you impressed me!

Senad Grosic © Philipp Schuster / Red Bull Content Pool

What an event! I am really grateful I got the chance to be part of this awesome and unique weekend! Thank you, Red Bull!


By the way: Red Bull recently launched the Organics by Red Bull series – 4 super delicious soft drinks, bio-certified and without any “energy”. I got the chance to try all of them during the event and my favorite is definitely ginger ale 🙂 



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