When it comes to full protection, lightweight and ventilation, Ortho-Max is the perfect match! For Red Bull Romaniacs, this was definitely the best choice. Here are the details about Ortema’s Ortho-Max Enduro Jacket!

When I unpacked the Ortho-Max I recognized the lightweight immediatly. The jacket is made of durable and especially breathable carrier material. For enduro riders like me, protection is essential. The heart of the Ortho-Max is the back protector, made of a new memory foam that provides perfect shock absorption. A special puncture protection also protects the spine from sharp items. Although it is super light, I feel comfortable and secure in every situation. 


Further, maximum air permeable and removable pads in the chest and shoulder area and a firmly integrated rib protection ensure an all-round protection of the upper body.

What I also really appreciate is the combination of protection and the kidney belt. It is fully integrated and can be individually adjusted via a hook and loop fastener and fixed close to the body. It gives an additonal feeling of security. 

A super big advantage: shoulder, chest and back protectors are removable. So you can easily wash the protector after a hard training session 😉 

All in all, in my opionion the Ortho-Max enduro jacket is the best allround solution I ever had. If you want to see more – check out the video 🙂

Price: 259,00 Euros


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