New years need new projects – yes! Only days after I finished Red Bull Romanias people asked me about my next project already. Well… this was really interesting, because I did not know. I still enjoyed the feeling of realizing a dream and this continued for some weeks. I haven’t really thought about my next project. I knew it will come into my mind by accident, not because I was desperately searching for a new topic in my life.
And this is exactly what happened. Most of you know, that my passion for riding dirt bikes comes from my family. My grandpa used to race motocross and so did my father. Sadly I never got the chance to me my grandfather, but I think about him quite often. He set the basic of all the passion about motorsports in our family. And although my mother was a passionate motorcylist as well, I am not sure if I would have started racing dirt bikes without my grandpa. However, my roots come from motocross. So this is why I have a new project in 2018 called: “Project me | turning weakness into strength!”

IMG_8736Motocross has never been my strength. Speed and tables, oh my god they are a real challenge for me. I love the woods, I love stones, slogs, mountains and tricky enduro stuff, but when it comes to speed I am definitly not the best rider. As I really like challenges and espcially those where I challenge myself, I thought it might be a great idea to show the people what is possible when you really want something and what you can do, when you really try to focus on your goal.

IMG_8813I want to continue on motivating people, this makes me happy. The moment when somebody tells you “You inspired me to change and start something new!” … those moments are unique, they mean the world to me! So this is actually what I want to do in the future.

My next project has to do with weakness and strengh. As I told you already, motocross is not my strengh. But I want to change that and I want to show that it is possible to change things if you really want to. So my goal for 2018 is fixed: I want to start in a motocross race for the first time in my life. Right now, I have no idea what race it will be. But I’d love to stand in the start grid packed with adrenaline for once in my life. And I will.


I know this will be a lot of work. But I want to give it a try. My first training on the motocross track 2 weeks ago was not to bad. I mean, I have been better for sure, but due to the fact that my focus for this years season was 100% on Red Bull Romanicas it is ok for me. I can not jump form long distance racing into sprint and speed within days. But I am looking forward to gain more experience on the beutiful tracks we have in Austria. I also found the perfect bike for this project. It’s a SUZUKI 250 RM-Z. The handling is unbelieveable and I felt great on that yellow beauty from the first moment on. Stay tuned!









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